Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ward Christmas Part 2009

Kable, Koy, and our friend Scott Balsmeier with nephew Jake.

Our friends the Hendricks. Michelle and her daughter Emily babysat Scarlett for me during basketball. Scarlett loves her husband Greg. He is serving in Iraq now.
Here is the Christmas shirt I made for Koy. He loved it so much. He still wears it after Christmas. So cute!
We had fun at the church Christmas party. I failed to get pictures of Koy with Santa. I guess Kable was with him and he was last in line to see Santa. He almost didn't make it, he was so tired he almost fell asleep. But made it just in time to tell him he wanted a robot! Scarlett fell asleep with Mama, so she didn't get to see Santa. Oh well.

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