Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunday Talks

Koy and I gave talks in Church and Primary on the very same day. It was his first talk in Primary and he did such a good job. Kable helped him prepare it while I went over mine the morning before church. I actually prepared mine a week early because I thought that was when I was speaking. I was asked to be the concluding speaker and talk on "Charity, Am I My Brother's Keeper?". I had heard from a friend of mine that someone else was the concluding speaker and when I didn't see my name on the program, I got a little worried. In shock, I went to ask the bishop who really was the concluding speaker. He said that I speak next week. I said well then, I should have my talk memorized by then! So, I was very prepared and even though I say so myself, I think it was the best talk I have ever given. Kable says so too. :) I actually interviewed Dad and Mom about their experieces during Hurricane Katrina and used quite a bit of it in my talk. Thanks Mom and Dad. I know the prayers I received on my behalf also helped me to do a good job. I was really nervous because I was the concluding speaker, but I was left little time, so I had to quickly give my talk and went a tad over, but it went well. I used quite a few examples of President Monson as well. He is a good example of Charity! After Sacrament I went in to see Koy, with Kable's help, give his talk. He sat on the front row smiling and waving at us. He was so excited. The week before when Kable and I found out he had to speak, we were discussing who was going to help him prepare it, when Koy blurted out, "no, it's my talk, I want to do it!" I think he is a little social. Anyway, he didn't need much help to give it. It was on the First Article of Faith. Kable kept trying to get him to repeat what he was saying, but Koy would just say the next word because he knew what was next. He even said the whole first article of faith by himself. (We are working on memorizing them. He is will pass off the second one this Sunday.) I was so proud of him, and I could tell that he was very proud of himself too.

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Bybee's said...

scary picture of kable and koy! madi has that dress too! too bad she can't really wear it because it button around her tummy, nice