Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Christmas Collage 2009

So, Santa decided to come a little late to our house because he knew we were moving to a new house the day after Christmas! Koy was pretty understanding and Scarlett didn't know the difference! We had a fun morning, but there was no tree or lights, decorations, or anything else to remind us of Christmas, but at least we had each other and a new bigger, 3 bedroom townhouse! Yea! Koy was sad that we didn't have a tree and stuff, but we will just have to do it next year. They got some cool presents from family. Nana and aunts made them a quiet book for church. Mimi and Pops got Koy a basketball hoop. Koy got a leapster, which he and I both love. We all got rice bags from Anne and Scarlett got this cute stackable toy that Anne made. We are very blessed and happy to be able to enjoy so much. It was our first Christmas not spent with family, either in Utah or Louisiana. I must say that with moving and not being around family and no decorations up, it just felt like we skipped this holiday. It was missing, and I hope that we never have to do that again! On a positive note, I am so grateful to be in a newer (these have already been remodeled, so we escaped living throught that mess), bigger townhouse. It has all wood floors, like our last one, and in good shape. The basement just needed to be finished, which meant we could do it our way. The move worked out just right with timing on selling ours and buying our new one. Like almost no wait time in between. The people who bought ours were so nice and were okay with my paint colors, so we didn't have to repaint it! Yea! But, the move was not fun. We painted every room before we moved in and then Kable and Greg Hendrick and Matthew and Brian Bittle finished our basement. Poor Kable didn't feel like he got a break because he didn't. We were constantly packing, cleaning, unpacking, painting, drywalling, etc the whole Christmas Break. I am so glad I married a man who is a hard worker! Some members of our ward were so kind to come and help us move the day after Christmas, which I am sure was just what they wanted to do and in bad weather-snow. Thanks to everyone who helped, it only took a few hours. Overall, I shouldn't complain, because we got a bigger space in the end! I was the one who wanted to move! :)

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