Sunday, February 28, 2010

Geaux Saints! Who Dat? Super Bowl!!!

Scarlett and Bella- "What?! A Super Bowl party?! My mom has to dress me up for every occasion! My onesie is better than your onesie!"
Scarlett-"Oh no, the Saints aren't doing so well!" Bella-"Go Colts, go!"
Scarlett-"Yes! I knew the Saints would pull it off!" Bella-"That stinks!"
We or really, I decided to have a Super Bowl party at our house. It was really fun and really crowded. We wore black for the Saints! The Bittles thought it would be funny to go for the Colts since we are such big Saints fans. When Brian found out I made a onesie for Scarlett, he told Rachell to make some shirts for them. He even made his own. It said, Who Dat on the front and Who Cares on the back. I said he wasn't allowed in my house if he wore it. Good thing I'm nice because somehow he snuck in! It was fun to cheer against each other, and in the end I was really happy the Saints came out on top. They deserved it and so did the city of New Orleans, after all they have been through. Who Dat!
Awww! Finally done cooking the buffalo chicken, so I can watch the game.
The table of food. It didn't all fit on the table though. I was amazed at the amount of food at our party. There was hot cheese dip, guacamole, pasta salad, homemade buffalo chicken, pizza, sherbet pop, homemade salsa, a veggie tray, and king cake!
Yummy King Cake I made.
The boys, Dayton, Koy, and Cooper.
Touchdown Saints!
Sera Bateman and her brother in law, and Rachell and Brian Bittle.
Jane and Brian.
There wasn't much room to see the T.V.!
The kids had fun in the basement!
The cute babies fighting over toys.


BittleFamily said...

LOVE IT! We had so much fun and our girls are so stinking cute!

Sarah Smith said...

I have to agree!