Sunday, February 28, 2010

Geaux Saints! Who Dat? Super Bowl!!!

Scarlett and Bella- "What?! A Super Bowl party?! My mom has to dress me up for every occasion! My onesie is better than your onesie!"
Scarlett-"Oh no, the Saints aren't doing so well!" Bella-"Go Colts, go!"
Scarlett-"Yes! I knew the Saints would pull it off!" Bella-"That stinks!"
We or really, I decided to have a Super Bowl party at our house. It was really fun and really crowded. We wore black for the Saints! The Bittles thought it would be funny to go for the Colts since we are such big Saints fans. When Brian found out I made a onesie for Scarlett, he told Rachell to make some shirts for them. He even made his own. It said, Who Dat on the front and Who Cares on the back. I said he wasn't allowed in my house if he wore it. Good thing I'm nice because somehow he snuck in! It was fun to cheer against each other, and in the end I was really happy the Saints came out on top. They deserved it and so did the city of New Orleans, after all they have been through. Who Dat!
Awww! Finally done cooking the buffalo chicken, so I can watch the game.
The table of food. It didn't all fit on the table though. I was amazed at the amount of food at our party. There was hot cheese dip, guacamole, pasta salad, homemade buffalo chicken, pizza, sherbet pop, homemade salsa, a veggie tray, and king cake!
Yummy King Cake I made.
The boys, Dayton, Koy, and Cooper.
Touchdown Saints!
Sera Bateman and her brother in law, and Rachell and Brian Bittle.
Jane and Brian.
There wasn't much room to see the T.V.!
The kids had fun in the basement!
The cute babies fighting over toys.

Scarlett Loves Baths!

This little girl loves her bath. I love all her expressions! It is the first time out of the infant bath. She splashed and played and didn't want to get out. She didn't even mind me pouring water on her head. Now thats braver then Koy!

K-State Date Night

Kable took these pictures of me because he thinks I'm sexy in a t-shirt! I know, I know, what can I say!
On the way to the game! Kable doesn't own a pair of sunglasses because he hates them, so when it's bright outside he gets to wear mine! Isn't HE sexy?!
Our friend Scott gave us his tickets for that night, so we could go on a date! What a nice guy! I had so much fun with my babe cheering on the cats. The played Nebraska, a team that they should have blown out, but they almost lost. That's okay with me because it made it an interesting intense game. Nebraska couldn't miss from the 3 point line! It was amazing to watch. The only complaint I have is the guy behind us had the worst potty mouth. I almost turned around and asked him to shut up, but that probably wouldn't have gone over very well. One time in Logan, at a hockey game, Kable and I were in between a few guys that were exchanging words, and we kind of thought it was funny, so we laughed. (One guy called the other guy big bird because he had a big nose!) The guy turned to Kable and asked what he was laughing at! I was like, uh oh. Kable said, Hey, I don't want in on any of it, I just thought what he said was funny! And it was!
It's fun to share in the love of sports with my honey. It's really fun when we are rooting for the same team. I have only been to one other K-State basketball game when we first moved here, so I was really excited. I love the college atmosphere, and the enthusiasm and drama there is at a game. Every school does their own thing to krank things up. At K-State, the students pretend they are reading newspapers while the other team is introduced. In between players they say things like, "Who's That," and "Who Cares!" When it is time for K-State to be introduced, they rip up the newspaper and throw it in the air and cheer on their team. Willey the Wild Cat leads them in a cheer and the students alternate rocking their bodies back and forth. It is pretty fun! To top it off, that night, Nebraska's coach got a tech when he disagreed with the refs and grabbed the ball and bounced it down hard. I think he was trying to get a response from his team because this was the point when K-State finally took lead of the game. It reminded me of my high school basketball coach. Coach Hill would do similar things, like yelling, slamming his clipboard down, kicking his shoe to the ceiling, and purposely getting kicked out to get a rise out of us. Looking back now, it is pretty funny!

Valentine Date

We went out to eat at Chilis for Valentines Day. It is our favorite restaurant in Manhattan. We always get the cheese fries and avocado ranch dip! It is addicting.

Preschool Art

Koy made these pictures at Preschool. He loves loves preschool. If he could go everyday he would. He has gotten up and dressed himself, woke me up, and said Mom, I am ready for preschool, only to find out he doesn't have that day! I felt so bad telling him that. He is such a nice boy. His teachers tell me what a good helper he is in class. His favorite part of preschool is gym! When his class doesn't go to gym a day, he is sure to tell me with a sad face, but if they do, he is so happy. I would have never guessed. I mean his Mom and Dad didn't graduate as PE teachers or anything!


So, Scarlett isn't the kind of girl that likes to be put down. She is a Mama's girl. Whenever I leave the room or put her down, it's the end of the world! Well, the other day I put her down to do the dishes. My purse was right next to her, but I didn't think anything of it. She isn't crawling yet, and hates being on her belly. Anway, as I was furiously trying to finish the dishes I noticed how quiet it was. No crying from my baby. She has never been so good. I thought, I better check on her. She had pulled almost everything out of my purse and had dumped my huge box of Nerds out onto the floor, and was grabbing handfuls and stuffing them in her mouth! She was so happy. I couldn't believe that she even knew they were to eat!

Jane's Baby Shower

Jlene McCracken made these cute suckers. They are frogs and buttons.
Michelle made the cake, and it was yummy. It had a lemon filling.

My friends and I threw a baby shower for Jane just a couple weeks before she had her baby boy. It was fun, she got a lot for her baby, and the food was good! Update: Jane had her baby on February 25. They named him William Brian Tuttle. He was 22 inches long and weighed 11 pounds 9 ounces!!!!! I don't know how she did it. She was a week overdue, so the doctor had to induce her. She went all day with no baby and little progression, all with no epidural. At the end, she finally had to get one just to get the energy to push this big guy out. He has dark brown hair and round cheeks, but suprisingly no rolls. Great job Jane! You are amazing!

Friday, February 26, 2010


What a happy girl. She loves her bumbo. I love her squishy cheeks. I want to eat them. She likes to jabber MAMAMAMAMA. But now she has moved on to DADADADADA. But, I was first! :)

Sunday Talks

Koy and I gave talks in Church and Primary on the very same day. It was his first talk in Primary and he did such a good job. Kable helped him prepare it while I went over mine the morning before church. I actually prepared mine a week early because I thought that was when I was speaking. I was asked to be the concluding speaker and talk on "Charity, Am I My Brother's Keeper?". I had heard from a friend of mine that someone else was the concluding speaker and when I didn't see my name on the program, I got a little worried. In shock, I went to ask the bishop who really was the concluding speaker. He said that I speak next week. I said well then, I should have my talk memorized by then! So, I was very prepared and even though I say so myself, I think it was the best talk I have ever given. Kable says so too. :) I actually interviewed Dad and Mom about their experieces during Hurricane Katrina and used quite a bit of it in my talk. Thanks Mom and Dad. I know the prayers I received on my behalf also helped me to do a good job. I was really nervous because I was the concluding speaker, but I was left little time, so I had to quickly give my talk and went a tad over, but it went well. I used quite a few examples of President Monson as well. He is a good example of Charity! After Sacrament I went in to see Koy, with Kable's help, give his talk. He sat on the front row smiling and waving at us. He was so excited. The week before when Kable and I found out he had to speak, we were discussing who was going to help him prepare it, when Koy blurted out, "no, it's my talk, I want to do it!" I think he is a little social. Anyway, he didn't need much help to give it. It was on the First Article of Faith. Kable kept trying to get him to repeat what he was saying, but Koy would just say the next word because he knew what was next. He even said the whole first article of faith by himself. (We are working on memorizing them. He is will pass off the second one this Sunday.) I was so proud of him, and I could tell that he was very proud of himself too.

Carpet Angels!

We finally got to put new carpet in our basement after finishing almost everything else that needed to be done. Kable worked hard and learned a lot about dry wall, eletrical outlets, and stuff, and I had brain fart picking out paint colors; but it finally got done (that is except for the trim, a little bit of finishing on the drywall on the stairs, the fluorescent lights...... well, it's getting there okay!) I told Koy we were going to carpet angels when the carpet finally got put in. He was so excited, and I am so excited to have an inviting basement, not one I'm scared to go down to. I love the carpet I went with and we spent a little more to get the shag, but it is worth it. When the rest of your house is wood floors, you just can't wait to feel it under your feet! My kids will love it too because that is where their play room is. Thank the heavens! We love new carpet!

Lion King

Love my kids! Don't worry that's not a real gun, just Koy's fake "shoot gun."

Koy likes to hold the kittens up like this and say,"Look Mom, it's like on Lion King!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Years Party!

We had a fun New Year's Eve party at the Bittles house. The Batemans, Ratcliffes, Raricks, and us were there, and plenty of good food. I tried a coconut cream angel pie recipe that Anne gave me and it turned out very yummy! There was also a very good non-alcoholic punch that Cole made that I loved, and of course homemade guacamole! We played a band game on the WII. (Go ahead and make fun of me, I can't remember the right name for it!) I had fun singing to the music! Rock on! It was more entertaining to hear Kable do it though! The babes above! Scarlett and Cami are only 1 day apart, and Bella is about 2 months older. We left tired and full.