Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last of the Christmas Pictures

So, we still aren't moved in completely in this picture, but this is "Christmas morning." Notice we couldn't find Mom and Dad's stockings, so Santa had to put our stuff in socks! :)
So, Grandma Berg makes yummy fruit leather and sent us some for Christmas, well, I didn't get much of mine because Scarlett decided she loved it too! SO cute!
Here is a shot of our sleep eyed family minus me, I am just not that brave to put a picture of me up, it is scary!
Scarlett got her first baby doll! A cabbage patch that looks like her, dark hair, blue eyes!
Koy must have been a good boy because he got what he wanted the most- a robot! We had to show him a clip of the movie Transformers, so he could see who Bumblebee was.

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Bybee's said...

cute pictures. scarlette and madi have twin cheeks!