Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Years Party!

We had a fun New Year's Eve party at the Bittles house. The Batemans, Ratcliffes, Raricks, and us were there, and plenty of good food. I tried a coconut cream angel pie recipe that Anne gave me and it turned out very yummy! There was also a very good non-alcoholic punch that Cole made that I loved, and of course homemade guacamole! We played a band game on the WII. (Go ahead and make fun of me, I can't remember the right name for it!) I had fun singing to the music! Rock on! It was more entertaining to hear Kable do it though! The babes above! Scarlett and Cami are only 1 day apart, and Bella is about 2 months older. We left tired and full.

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