Monday, March 31, 2008

Koy's first taste of real food-a plum. He couldn't get enough, and kept lounging at it. It was funny.
The Girlz! Kat's team won 2nd in State. Kind of bittersweet for Kathryn, but it was a fun trip to Louisiana and thanks to Mom all the girls got to come cheer Kat on.
Poppy G and Koy at another game! Go Cardinals!
Koy and Rubster at Kat's game.
Kat the Great Volleyball Player! She has been all state since 9th grade!
ED White red lipstick! Need I say more!
Koy was Kat's number 1 fan at the State Tournament.
Told ya he likes hats!
Nana Smith and Koy at their house for Thanksgiving.

How Cute. Joe has a way with kids and you can tell.
Uncle Richard and Joe came to see us while we were there too.
We got to visit with our friends, the Grants, while in Utah. Their little girl is about a month and a half younger than Koy. Her name is Brooklynn. It was late and they were both tired, but you could put a pretty funny caption to this one.
Koy got a rare chance to visit with his Great Grandma Smith while we were there.
Koy learned to crawl while we were in Utah for Thanksgiving. Papa G helped him figure it out.
Koy loves to wear hats. We think it's because his daddy wears hats a lot.
My Lil Tiger fan!
Learning to climb! Koy's new thing at this age was to lunge into his carseat to make it rock. He thought it was hilarious!
Our first K State activity.

The Boyz!

Koy was such a cute little pea in a pod! He didn't really know what was going on, but liked the candy!
Koy boys' first Halloween. Our ward had an awesome Halloween party. If you can't tell, Koy was the peas and Kable the black eye in "Black-eyed Peas." I was Little Miss Muffet b/c of my hate for spiders which was intensified by our cute little house which was infested with spiders. Ugh!
A cute shot of mommy and baby at our old house on Thurston. See the luv sac in the background?!
Here is Koy's signature smile! I love those clown eyes and that goofy smile!
I'm Tired!
(This is a couch we finally got after someone in our ward felt sorry for us and donated it. Thank you.)
Snow Outfit
Oh, come on Mom! What a ham! I just love those shoes.
I love these baby robes. Had to get a picture! What a cute puppy dog!
A sweet picture of my wild boy!
I thought this was hilarious with the one eye winking. Can you tell he is a first child- I only have about 100 pics of him.

Look! Koy used to have a little chub to him! This is at our first house in Kansas. Our only place to sit was a luv sac. Koy liked it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Family swim!
What a cute pair.
The water was freezing!
Uncle Char was really good with Koy in the pool.

I love this picture! Koy's getting ready for a swim at our Berg Reunion 2006.

Nana Smith and Koy at her house for the 4th.

Watching fireworks at Grandma Bergs.

Koy's first 4th of July!

This is the group that went hiking at Yellowstone. I was taking the pic.

I just couldn't help myself!

This is a view from the top of the lower falls. We heard that that day a family was taking pics by it and the mother kept wanting to get closer to the edge and fell over! It was very disturbing.

Isn't this beautiful?

This buffalo was just sitting there among all the shops. You could accidentally walk into him. We heard he was head butting cars in the parking lot. Yikes!

Isn't this cool! Yellowstone was so beautiful. This is "Old Faithful" of course.
Ranger Kable at Yellowstone!