Saturday, December 19, 2009

Scarlett's 4 Month Check up!

So, this is late, but what's new?! On October 1, 2009 Scarlett weighed 13 pounds and 5 oz. which is in the 55%. She was 24.5 inches long, the 72% and her head was 41.5 inches which is the 75%. Go Scarlett girl! Keep on growing and being healthy, that's what we like to see!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


So, here is a sneak peek at pictures of the new litter. I have all of the kittens pictures up on my website: if you would like to see them! They turned out soooo cute!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

My Mom and Dad were able to visit a coupled days before Thanksgiving this year. They went on up to Nebraska to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Kat and Joe. It was fun having them here for a few days, and Pops even shot us some pheasant for our freezer. I made buffalo "chicken" with the meat and they were delicious! They also got to make it to my basketball game where we came from behind and won the game in the few last seconds! It was so fun to coach and watch! Mom helped me with the kids while I made these cute Turkey shirts for them. Thanks Mom and Dad, we love you and miss you!

SO, I couldn't narrow down the pics, so here you go!

Yeah, a family picture! We celebrated Thanksgiving Day with our Kansas family, the Balsmeiers. They always have amazing food. We brought potato salad and pumpkin pie. They ordered a "Turduckin" off the internet to try for dinner. It was so good. For those of you that don't know, that is a turkey, duck, and chicken all stuffed inside eachother with stuffing too. It is a Cajun thing. Yum!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween 2009

Brianna and Koy
Cooper and Koy
Scarlett and Bella

Fun Friends- Rachell, Jane, and Michelle

Kable and Brian, the tooth fairy!
Amelia Boyle read "Piggie Pie" to all the kids. It was hilarious, and now I really want that book!
Donut eating!
Can you tell what we were? "2 Little monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Date Night

So, all the married kids had a date competition to see which wife could be the most creative with a date night for their husbands. I used a sports theme, I don't know why, it's not like Kable likes sports that much! I wore an Eisenhower shirt and not much else and beat him home from basketball practice to welcome him home to this! I think Kable liked it! The kids were at my friends house and it was a nice break! Thanks.
Chicken Nachos!

Buffalo Chicken!
Football Brownies!
K, not the most flattering pic of us, but it was right after basketball practice and I don't think you want to know what I was really wearing! :)

Carving Pumpkins

We had fun carving pumpkins that night. Koy's was the robot, Kable's the middle little one, and Scarlett and mine the "S". Kable thought it was for Smith. It works for them all I guess!

October Fun

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch at Brits Farm

The hayride over to the maze and pumpkins. It was a very cold day, but we are glad we went. A group of us from our ward went together. Koy had so much fun. Scarlett put up with it. I just love how her little button nose gets pink in the cold!
A little play.
Koy picked them out!
There were mostly only green ones left. A funny thing happened after everyone left. I didn't get pictures, but I have to tell. There is a petting zoo at Brits too, but no one but us wanted to go because it was so cold. So, off we tromped to see the animals in the back, just me, Koy, and Scarlett. My arm was about to fall off. Anyway, we get to the gate and I tell Koy to go in. He is a little apprehensive, but walks about 4 feet in. All the goats start surrounding him looking for a handout I'm sure, when one big goat sneezes right in Koy's face. I started to laugh, but had to stop because Koy started to cry! It was funny though. I went in with him after that, but he didn't last long. He kept clinging to me. I told him that they just wanted food, and he said, but I don't have any! Like, why don't those stupid goats know I don't have food. On the way out, Koy stepped in poop, and we spent about 10 minutes wiping it out of our car because I didn't notice it until then! Yuck! I should have never encouraged the whole petting zoo! The baby ducks were adorable though!

Geaux Tigers!

We love LSU! Geaux Tigers! (Notice Kable isn't in the picture!) At our house when we ask Koy what day Saturday is, he says,"Football Day!" We're trainin 'em young!

The Anderson's Move! :(

The neighborhood won't be the same without you!
Will, Ike, and Koy

A picture of the boys, of course I didn't grab one of Anne and the babies and I! Dang it! This was a very sad day. I had to prepare Koy for his best friends to move away. When I first told him he started crying and said "no, Mom." It was so sad, I almost started crying too. The Andersons have been such good friends and neighbors. They are the ones who actually told us about the townhouse we now live in. A weird coincidence: Anne Anderson is also my sister's name, who I miss dearly. (She lives in Utah.) Anne and Mike went to Utah State like Kable and I. They really are good people who will do anything for you. Most afternoons, you could catch Anne and I on our front porches watching our boys play/fight while holding our babies and providing popsicles and swapping new ideas for recipes and crafts. I miss that. Koy said to me after they moved out, "Mom, someone needs to move into there!" He thought someone would take their place immediately. I have to say, it has been lonely! It sure was nice to have a friend watch my little ones when I need to run a quick errand, and fun to switch goodies on our Kansas sunflower plate. I miss those weekend dates when we switched off babysitting so we could each go out with our sweethearts too. Ode to the Andersons! We miss you!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My First Craft Booth

My friend Rachell and I sold our craft stuff at a consignment sale called "Little Britches."
We did well, and had a blast. Her baby, Bella, is 2 months older than Scarlett. It is fun to have a new friend to craft with and share ideas.

Richard and Chrisy came to Visit!

My random shoe picture! I got these sassy gladiator hot yellow wedges for $3.99! What a steal! My new favorite shoes, and I find any excuse to wear them. Kable said, you really like those shoes a lot don't you? Why? You wear them a lot. Yep! He doesn't seem to like them as much as me!

Richard and Christy were on their way back to Utah from Virginia Beach where they were for summer jobs. We are glad to be a stopping point for any and all family and friends who are traveling! Bring on the fun! I made a huge, huge batch of jambalya, bread sticks, salad, and cookies. I know Richard likes to eat (and so does Kable), especially when it comes to Cajun food which he doesn't get very often living in Utah. I gave Christy the recipe under Richard's directions!

Scarlett's Blessing Day

So, we have more pics in her dress, but I still have to order the CD. Ugh, so behind. My Mom and Dad got to be here for church then left right after to drive back to Louisiana. They had come to our house after Kat's tournament. It was nice to have them here for such a special time.