Sunday, November 8, 2009

Richard and Chrisy came to Visit!

My random shoe picture! I got these sassy gladiator hot yellow wedges for $3.99! What a steal! My new favorite shoes, and I find any excuse to wear them. Kable said, you really like those shoes a lot don't you? Why? You wear them a lot. Yep! He doesn't seem to like them as much as me!

Richard and Christy were on their way back to Utah from Virginia Beach where they were for summer jobs. We are glad to be a stopping point for any and all family and friends who are traveling! Bring on the fun! I made a huge, huge batch of jambalya, bread sticks, salad, and cookies. I know Richard likes to eat (and so does Kable), especially when it comes to Cajun food which he doesn't get very often living in Utah. I gave Christy the recipe under Richard's directions!

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Jenny said...

Only you could pull off those shoes!