Thursday, May 29, 2008

We celebrated Kat's 16th birthday by having lunch at this restaurant called Lamberts in Perdido where they throw rolls and bring around sides. The cute boy waiters had a crush on her and even tried to give her her first kiss-jokingly! I think she was a little embarrassed but enjoyed the attention! This was where we said goodbye. Sad. It's always causes tears to flow.
All the grandkids and the grandparents! We had so much fun. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us to all see eachother. We love you.
The Triplets!
We made it to Perdido! We are missing Justin and Dakota, but everyone else it there. This is the last day at the beach. The day before we swam in the indoor pool b/c of stormy weather, and the other days I didn't get to do much b/c Koy was so sick. He had a high fever that didn't want to go away and then he started having mini seizures with it. It was really scary. He would look at me and start crying after every seizure. He started to get better the last day finally.
I think Koy got some sand in his mouth a few times. It looks like he is chewing it here! Yuck!
Mom had fun watching the boys while we swam. Notice Brax won't let her put him in the sand. Oh, brother.
These two fell asleep like this in the pack and play. How cute.
Koy and Rubee played in the car port while Anne had a garage sale to get money for gas to go to Perdido
Beach. Go Anne. She is a smart cookie! I ran to the splash pad and back to keep on track training for my 1/2 marathon.
Koy playing ball at the park. He loved this! The kids kept fighting over the balls. Kat gave him this outfit. I think it's so cutel Thanks Auntie.
Cutie pie Kenners.
Cutie pies Dakota and Koy Koy.
Cutie pie Rubee Ryan.
Koy and Rubee playing at the park. We brought dinner and let the kids play.
Koy and Rubee playing in a toy at Wal-Mart. What a pair of cute little monkeys!
My cute little nieces Dakota and Kennedi at the splash pad.
We went to the lake and splash pad near Anne's house to enjoy the water, but it is so hot all of the time in Florida that even the water is very warm, so it isn't very refreshing, more like a hot bath. It was fun to watch the kids play though.
We got to go to Florida and then to Gulf Shores to visit my family. It was fun to see family and to be on the beach. I believe this is in June of 2007. We stayed with Anne's family (Joe was living with them so it was a tight squeeze) for a few days and then we drove over to Perdido beach and met Mom and Dad, Kat, and Rach and Brax.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Koy was having fun posing for pictures.
This is a picture of us at our friend's, the Balsmeirs. They have a big 4th of July party every year. It was Koy's first! We had fun. Koy looks like he is in deep thought.
OK, so we in this picture, I can really see how much our eyes look alike. Koy looks like he is waving in Mr. America or something. Don't mind my nostril flare, it's a Stock trait. We'll see if Koy gets it.
Koy thinks it is so fun to hide in the bottom of our bookshelf. He fits just right inside and we play peek-abu by closing the doors.

Koy loves balls, and I love the dollar store! :)
I totally think he looks like me when I was a baby in this picture. Baldy and all!
I love this picture of Koy. He was so into pushing the neighbors toys. They have 2 little boys and the Mom's name is Anne Anderson, just like my sister. They are in our ward too and it's so nice for Koy to have someone to play with right outside our door.
A good shot of Koy walking on his own. This was before he was a pro. We were at playgroup at Cico Park. Don't you love those cute little baby sandals? And look at the concentration on that little face!
Koy got this alligator bath toy and was goofing around putting it on his head. I had to grab the camera. What a goofball.
Koy's learning to walk! We got this toy to help him along. He loved it and it was so cute to see him wobbling along and pushing it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I was going to put this in the"about me." but it wouldn't let me because it was too long, so it is here for now, until I find a better spot. I wouldn't want to erase all my hard work!
We are the Smith family.
Kable Leon Smith-A tall dark and handsome sort of man, who has a big heart, but doesn't want anyone to know how soft he is. He has beautiful pool blue eyes and dark wavy hair, with well shaped legs and broad shoulders, and a basketball player like build. He is considerate and faithful. He has integrity and is gentle, slow to anger, and light hearted. He loves the Lord and his family. He loves cheese. He loves sports, any. He loves to play them, coach them, watch them, listen to them. He is a big time Jazz fan and loves BYU football and Utah basketball, I don't get it either. He is an Ogden,Utah boy, but graduated with a degree in teaching physical education and a minor in geography from Utah State in good old Logan. He loves a good movie, and there are a lot of them. He loves to back pack in the Wind River Mountains located in Wyoming. He is very good at his job as a physical education teacher at a middle school called Eisenhower. He treats the kids with respect, and in return they give it to him. He loves what he does and coaches every sport available to him there-football, basketball (girls and boys), and track. He is a hard worker and will be working on his Masters soon. I am grateful to married to such a person who stands at my side and loves me through the ups and downs of this roller coaster life here on Earth.
Sarah Stock Smith-Where do I begin.
I had to get in a picture with the birthday boy!
MMMMM, cake! What a cutie pie! His first birthday. He didn't even know what to do with a whole cake to himself. He wouldn't eat at first, but as soon as mom helped, he didn't have a problem.
Here is the cake I made for the sports nuts' birthdays! We had just found out not long before the party, that Kable got the head 8th grade basketball coaching job at Eisenhower. So, hence the party theme. Good job babe, and you did a superior job coaching that season. Even, some of the refs made a point to mention after a game to him what a great coach he is.

Yeah- Kable and Koy's birthday celebration. There was a tornado watch that day, yet we pressed on and partied anyway. We invited friends to a nearby park for a bbq, cake and presents. It was so windy, it nearly blew our plates out of our hands! We all still had fun though, and it is very memorable.
Scott Balsmeir, a friend from our ward invited us to watch the spring K-State football scrimmage. (He is sitting behind us.) It was fun, except Koy had to wear his LSU colors. (That is about the only purple we have at our house!)
I love the little smirk on his face. This is Easter morning as you can see. I had so much fun putting his basket together. I love the little yellow chicks. Easter is such a great holiday.
Koy's first Easter Egg hunt!
K, I know I look so ugly in this picture, but I don't have a good one of Koy in his Easter outfit that year. It was his first Easter and all. 2007.
Amanda has twin daughters just a month younger than Koy. It was fun to watch them play.