Sunday, May 25, 2008

I was going to put this in the"about me." but it wouldn't let me because it was too long, so it is here for now, until I find a better spot. I wouldn't want to erase all my hard work!
We are the Smith family.
Kable Leon Smith-A tall dark and handsome sort of man, who has a big heart, but doesn't want anyone to know how soft he is. He has beautiful pool blue eyes and dark wavy hair, with well shaped legs and broad shoulders, and a basketball player like build. He is considerate and faithful. He has integrity and is gentle, slow to anger, and light hearted. He loves the Lord and his family. He loves cheese. He loves sports, any. He loves to play them, coach them, watch them, listen to them. He is a big time Jazz fan and loves BYU football and Utah basketball, I don't get it either. He is an Ogden,Utah boy, but graduated with a degree in teaching physical education and a minor in geography from Utah State in good old Logan. He loves a good movie, and there are a lot of them. He loves to back pack in the Wind River Mountains located in Wyoming. He is very good at his job as a physical education teacher at a middle school called Eisenhower. He treats the kids with respect, and in return they give it to him. He loves what he does and coaches every sport available to him there-football, basketball (girls and boys), and track. He is a hard worker and will be working on his Masters soon. I am grateful to married to such a person who stands at my side and loves me through the ups and downs of this roller coaster life here on Earth.
Sarah Stock Smith-Where do I begin.

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