Sunday, July 6, 2008

Okay, so we are just going to pretend to go back in time, because I forgot to post Thanksgiving pics before Christmas, and I don't know how to go back and post. This is at the Stotts in Kansas City. We had such a nice day at their house. We got to see most of their family and have great food.

You can see how enthusiastic Koy is about this Santa. It was at the mall, and he just couldn't wait to tell him what he wanted.
Kable sat in the car with the heater on to please Koy, while I went down a few more times. What a good husband. You can tell how happy they both are.
We went sledding for Koy's first time. It snowed more than usual this year for Kansas. Koy didn't seem to appreciate it though. He hated sledding and the cold. Maybe he takes after his mother.

Koy got a bag of 100 balls from Jane for Christmas. Boy, how he loved that. He got them all out and proceeded to dive in them. He was in ball heaven.
Koy loved loved this present from Grandma and Grandpa Stock. He still loves it. When we would get home, or he would wake up from a nap, or from a nights sleep, he would ask us to take him downstairs to play ball.
We know who really rules the roost!

We had to get a picture of these cheeseballs, since they were making fun of us.
Anne came to visit one last time on their way out of town. We made a snowman and had hot chocolate. It was fun.
Here they are again, just chillin'.

We got some hilarious pictures of Koy and Brooklynn. They were so cute together.
We got to see our friend's the Grants while there too. We went out to eat at a new Mexican restaurant in Ogden and then visited at Kable's parent's house. It was fun to see them again.
The triplets, as we like to call them.

I had fun making these beenies for the cousins for Christmas. I just love this picture. Now, those are cute kids.
I was lucky to see my sisters while in Utah for Chistmas. We had a fun couple of days. We saw "Enchanted" and went shopping and out to eat. Despite the horrible diarrhea I had, it was time well spent! It seems I always get sick on vacation.

Kable's family held a huge family Christmas party. Koy and he were in the nativity play.
The cousins in their cute new outfits!
Probably Koy's favorite gift! He loves balls!

Char and Carrie at Christmas. It was fun to see them again.
The Webb family. Evey was so cute and such a happy baby.
Koy and his Daddy. Like the egg on his forehead? He tripped and fell right into the corner of a hallway.

Me and my KoyBoy!
Mr and Mrs Clause!
Papa G reading a story to the grandkids.
We got to visit Kable's family for Christmas 2007. It was fun to see everyone. Here is a shot of all the grandkids, except Hunter. Nana and Papa G got them these cute fleece outfits.

Koy and I made fun Christmas popcorn balls with our neighbors, the Andersons. They have 2 cute boys, and Koy loves that we live 2 doors apart because that means he gets to play with them a lot.
That's me all dressed up for our Christams party.
Our ward Christmas party. Koy wasn't too sure about Santa. It was a fun program and nice dinner. Br. Holly was our Santa.
Look at that face!
Koy making monkey faces.

Koy fell asleep on the couch in the cutest posistion.
Koy loved the eyeball led lights I got. They turned different shades.

Jane's girls, Vanessa, Amelia, and Brianna.
My friend, Jane's, dog Havana in her bumble bee costume!

The scary witch I bought. She moved and talked and was motion sensored! It was hilarious to see. Koy loved her. He was always trying to set her off.
Koy was so tired. He loved the party though.
The cut-outs I painted for the party.

The ward Halloween Party that I was in charge of. It was a lot of fun. I painted Kable's shirt. If you can't tell, I am Tinkerbell, Kable is Cpt. Hook, and Koy is the Crockadile.
My Halloween Decorations! It is so fun to decorate. I think they know me by name at Hobby Lobby!
Me, trying to be a cool Mom.

Copying Dad.
Koy posing after a nap, I think. I love the mohawk Koy!