Sunday, May 24, 2009

Richard and Christy's Wedding!

We stayed at Kable's family's house when we first got there and the night before we left. It was fun. Trisha went through the temple and we got to go, we celebrated Mother's Day early, and got to see all almost all the cousins too. I wish I would have gotten more pictures!
Making our traditional hike up the mountain from the Smith's backyard.
Us! That was not an easy hike for me, even though it was short.
Davie Crockett got Koy a pirate gun set for his birthday. He loved it.
We visited the Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho before checking into our hotel. They were so beautiful and very full because it was Spring time. You could feel the mist too.
It was a little scary to be so far out with just a little guard fence. Yikes. I am afraid of heights too so that didn't help.
Our hotel had an indoor pool and spa. A must for us!
Rubee and Koy.
The beauty Queens in our matching swimsuits.
David and Kayla brought their new puppy. She is really cute and pretty behaved. David and Kayla slept in the back of their truck instead of the hotel, crazies!
Right out of the Twin Falls temple. The sealing was short and sweet. Christy's grandpa flew all the way from Costa Rica to seal them. The ceremony was done in Spanish and then translated into English.
Old college friends. How we miss each other.
Got everyone in except for David. He got cut-off, but he is the black sheep of the family!
Oh, there he is! Ignore my protruding belly!
Aww, the little ones! And Braxton's typical face when pictures begin.
Ring around the rosies with Rubee!
We all fall down.
We are so glad Ingrid and her family could make it.
At the reception.
Silly boy faces. They started it and kept hamming it up, hilarious!

Shake your booty!

Baby Maddie!
Baby Peyton!
Come on Scarlett, we are waiting on you!
Ring around the rosies again.

Koy's favorite part is "we all fall down!"
Justin and a very grown up Dakota cutting a rug.
Don't laugh at the pregnant woman dancing! Laugh at the silly man dancing!
Admire the handsome man dancing with the kids, amazing, he's dancing!
Richard and Christy had a money dance like we did when we got married. It was fun. Anne gets in on it.
Koy got to dance with Christy.
Spanking the booty! Yes, we are obsessed with butts in our family! Richard and Kathryn are the only ones in our family that have one.
The girls! Anne was a little emotional about leaving and saying goodbye, the rest of us were just trying to ignore it, and Dad thought he was a comedian in the background.
Ah, how cute. I love the outfits.
This looks like a date picture!
Find the garter?
Cutting the cake!
They were so mean. Christy had cake all in her hair.
At the end of the reception this is what we found the boys doing with Kat's shoes.
Glad that's not my car!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


So, today in Sacrament Meeting there was kind of a long closing prayer. I guess Koy got a little impatient, because he was dying to go to nursery. When he had had enough, he yells,"hurry up!" That was a little embarrasing, but really hard to not laugh at. Kable didn't think it was funny.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Maternity Pictures

So, the ones above are all doctored up by me with my limited knowledge. It's fun to play around with pictures. I would love to learn more.

I have been wanting to take maternity pictures this time around, since I didn't the last time I was pregnant. I also didn't want to pay someone, so I asked a friend, Jane, to take them in her backyard for me. She was so nice to do it and did a great job. Her backyard was perfect and the weather really cooperated too (about 70 and overcast). The only thing I might have changed was to take them earlier in my pregnancy, like not wait until I'm 8 months along!