Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Scarlett!

So, here are baby Scarlett's first pictures! The description of each picture is on the upper left hand corner. I am so so excited to have a girl! It wasn't real at first, but now I am going wild making girly accessories! I've made bows, flower clips, bibs, quilts, bracelets, leggings, burp rags, wipes case covers, nursing clips, and who knows what else I'll make before she is even born! I am having way to much fun with this. It's also been fun to have Anne and Rachel pregnant with me and both having girls. Actually, Anne had hers, baby Peyton Lily on February 19th and she weighed 7lbs 3oz. And, Rachel had her baby girl, Madison Vella on March 18. She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz.

Topeka Zoo and the Legends Mall

So, this Spring Break we stayed close to home. Usually we go to the Stotts in Kansas City, but they weren't around this year, so we decided it might be fun to stay a night in a hotel with a pool in Topeka. Topeka is the capital of Kansas in case you didn't know and is only about 50 minutes away from us. Of course we did make it close to Kansas City to the Legends Mall so I could enjoy a little shopping (thank you Babe). Koy also loved it because we showed him the huge water fountain there. It was a warm day, almost 80, so it was perfect weather to play in the water. That night we made it back to Topeka and swam in the pool. It was a little cold, but Koy loved it. I have never seen him so excited over a pool, which is a good sign for this summer! :) He was giggling like crazy and continually jumping off the side to Kable. His lips were blue, but he still didn't want to get out! The next day we went to the Topeka Zoo. It was a cold day, but fun anyway. If you notice the terrifying look on that gorilla's face, you are so right to be scared. He was strutting around proclaiming to all that it was his territory. Apparently right before we stepped around the corner to his exhibit he had charged the glass and pounded on it! Yikes! I don't think that glass was thick enough. The looks he gave us was like "I want to tear your head off!" Then, when we were walking by the pond were all the birds were, we noticed this little goose reaching his head out of the fence and trying to take nips out of people walking by. Well, a little later Koy had found a rock and wanted to throw it in the pond, so he reached is little arm through the fence and sure enough that little goose walked right over to him and took a nip! Koy jumped so high and let out a terrifying scream. He ran to me crying. It was sad, but I have to admit hilarious! Kable about kicked the goose in the head! Dumb thing! I wish I would have gotten that on video! Then we went in this indoor rain forest exhibit where animals, mostly birds, are roaming free. I got dive bombed by a bird and Kable almost got pooped on! After the zoo we went out to eat at Olive Garden, checked out the Topeka mall, and then saw "Bolt" with some friends, the Raricks and Andersons ,from Manhattan. Afterwards, we let our kids play at the indoor play land at the mall, since it was so cold outside. Last of all Koy got an ice cream and I got a cookies and cream shake at Chic Fillet. Mom and Rachel always rave about how good they are, but I have never had one. Oooh, they are so right. Like heaven! Good thing there's not a Chic Fillet in Manhattan or I'd probably gain 20 pounds on that divine treat!

Junction City Hike

These pictures are taken near Junction City which is about 25 minutes from Manhattan. It is a quick hike to these random guns? I am not to hip on military equipment, but Koy sure loved the hike and the chance to pretend shoot them. The biggest one is at the top of the hill which is pretty steep, but I'm sure felt more that way to me since I'm pregnant! Good exercise. We did this hike last year too once it started getting warm again, so maybe this will turn out to be a family tradition while we are here!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Patty's Day

We went to the local St. Patrick's Day Parade this year. Koy loved it of course because he got candy. I think it was the first time he realized what happened at parades. It was cute to watch. For breakfast he ate "pop pops" (what he calls rice krispies) in green milk that the leprachauns colored!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

David and Kayla's Wedding!

We went to church with Rachel's family while in Utah and Koy, Brax, and Brady walked home afterwards. The boys loved it and the weather was so nice.

While visiting Anne's family, I had to get a picture of little miss Kennedi with her beloved kitty Dawson. He is so big and fluffy now, and I hear a very good kitty.

Katy came to David's wedding, but she also planned our baby shower. She is from my home ward in Thibodaux. It was good to see her again too.
Rachel, Anne, and I were lucky enough to have a baby shower for all our baby girls that were coming. Well, Peyton showed up before. It was neat to be with my sisters again and to be pregnant again with them. It kind of helps bond us even though we live so far apart. Rachel is due March 22, but is getting induced Wed, March 18. She is naming her "angel" :) Madison.

Our guests and family.

Us opening our presents from Gigi. She got us the cutest outfits in 3 different sizes and even jewelry for the new moms too.

Gigi, Mary, Mom, and David all made it from my side. It was good to have family around again.

Awww, baby Peyton all decked out at the shower. I got Anne, Rachel, and I the same material to make blankets for our babies. This is the one Anne made, I think it turned out really cute.

Mimi, Brax, and Koy in the sweaters she got them.

Everyone on the Smith side that made it-Angie, Mom, Melanie and cousins.

My friend Michelle came to my shower. It was so good to see her since it has been over a year. She gave me the cutest stuff for Scarlett too: a purple bumbo, a princess blanket she made, and hair bows and bands.

Gigi and the cousins at our baby shower.

The triplets causing trouble!

Waiting for Rachel at her doctor's appointment.

Dakota and baby Peyton.

Koy loved David's alligator. I don't think he knew that they were live animals. His room is covered in alligator decorations and Kable tells him alligator bed time stories a lot, so he thought these were really cool.

Playing "I had a little doggy" with Mimi at Anne's house.

Koy and Joe Joe. The boys had their own party while us girls had the bridal shower. Of course the boys had to stop in when it was over and eat the leftovers!

A few of the guests! Christy, Kat, and Rach who wouldn't look at the camera! I don't know why!

Gumballs for every wrong answer about David!

The lingerie we got Kayla! I made her try it on!

We got to see Papa G and Nana shortly while there. They were kind to let us sleep there and Koy really loved seeing them. He was a little confused about the concept of two grandmas, but sure was happy about it. He kept asking me the next day if he could play with Nana. Too bad we couldn't stay longer.



The cutest! Right out of the temple!

Chode! Side note-Richard got engaged to his girlfriend Christy the morning after David's wedding. He used my grandma's ring for an engagement ring. We were all so excited because they've been dating for a while, and we love Christy. They are getting married in Idaho though, because that is where Richard served his mission. Guess we'll be making another trip that way on May 9th! Ouch, I'll only be a month away from delivery. That's going to be one long car ride! At least this time Kable will be able to go, but it will be a short trip. Like leave Wed afternoon, come back Saturday night. Ugh!

David's side, my immediate family, Great Grandpa Tebbs, Gigi, Tessa, Jeff Tebbs family, Dave and Cher Lewis were there, but didn't get in I guess.

The boys at the temple!

The girls at the temple!

Great Grandpa Tebbs came for David's wedding too! It was so fun to see him.

Ingrid and her cute boys, Braden and Jaren.

The triplets!

Brax had to be bribed with food for a picture.

Koy and Rubee, hilarious! The kids were really good for having such a long day and hanging out at the reception for so long.

Our close friends Jessica and Ingrid. We go back to college days-RICKS, and it was so good to see them again. It has been too long! I love that weddings bring everyone together again.

The boys!

OK, so this isn't the best picture, but it's the only one I have of our whole family. So, see if you can make anyone out!

The sisters! I had to copy Kat and strike a model pose!

This is the cutest! I love how Koy has his hands in his pockets! Kids are great!

Last shot of the night. My mom made the cake and I think it turned out really cute. They were nice and didn't smash too much cake on eachother. That night they stayed at the Anniversary Inn and 2 days later flew to Louisiana for the other reception at my parents house. They went to Grand Isle for their honeymoon. Which is a tiny island about 2 hours from Thibodaux on the Gulf Coast. Kind of a cool place.