Friday, April 11, 2008

We got to visit Liberty Jail while on Spring Break 2007. It was neat to revisit and remember all that Joseph Smith and others went through. It was a very spiritual presentation. We also drove by the RLDS temple. It was interesting. We visited our visitors center nearby and saw a few presentations there too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For Spring Break we went to Kansas City and stayed with the Stotts. It was fun and they were very nice. Dottie brought us out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. This is the outside of it. It is on the Plaza, which is an old downtown part of Kansas City. It has been updated though and has a lot of really nice boutiques, restaurants, and shops. Like an outdoor mall. There are also a lot of fountains. Very cute.
We moved into a townhouse in March of 2007. It is so nice to have more room and we can even paint and do improvements. There are also a lot of ward members in our comlex. Not to mention the rent is cheap and we make money living here. It is a blessing to live here. We also get to have 2 pets. Koy had to get used to stairs. We have 2 sets and he's had a couple falls. Scary. I am tired of apartment living, but if we have to do it still, these are not too bad. I thought this pic was cute b/c he wanted so bad to see over, but wasn't quite tall enough.
This is a picture of my family at the Stock Reunion in 2006. It was in Arizona and we stayed in cabins. It was really fun to see all our Stock relatives again. I hadn't seen most of them for about 10 years! Too long. We all had our new babies too. It was really fun. Rubee was blessed there.
Kable got to go hunting with the boys after Christmas. I think this is from when we were there in 2005. I was pregnant with Koy and Anne and Rachel were prego too! I think he had fun. They went to Texas first to hunt geese and then on to Arizona where he got to see a lot of my Dad's family. I was jealous since I hadn't seen them in a long long time.
We were lucky to be able to go to Louisiana for Christmas that year in 2006. I love to see Mom's huge Christmas tree every year. It is so beautiful.
The boys at the Baton Rouge Temple. We sure had a special time there doing baptisms all together. It was neat to have our whole family there.
The girls at the temple.
One of my favorite winter hats that Koy wore. (At the temple in Louisiana.)
Koy and Kable were so tired in this picture. That tends to happen at my family's house. :)
I hope that one day we can breed bulldogs too. Anne, you have to keep Petunia. It was fun to stay with Anne a couple days before we made the trip (driving) to Louisiana to see Kat play volleyball in the state tournament.
Oh-the puppy that might have been mine. Too bad. She is so cute though.