Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Koy was goofing off on our shopping trip while we were getting a bite to eat at Wendys, so I grabbed my camera.

Isn't this the cutest chair ever!
Jane and I went on a fun shopping trip in Kansas City . Here, we are at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I have to admit I love it. It's fun to imagine the cute furniture in my house. There is a Sees candy shop inside. It's a huge store. Brianna and Koy are enjoying suckers from there.
I think Kable might have even enjoyed the dancing.

At the end of the dance, all the kids came out and danced the hokey pokey with us.

Our friends Brian and Jane Tuttle. She borrowed my dress and it looked great on her!

Scary picture!

OK, so I also forgot to post the pics from our ward Valentine dance I was in charge of. Here's me getting ready.


And, here is his famous clown eyes!
And, here he is sitting on his football!
So, I forgot to post these in order. I think this was before my Lousiana trip, but oh well. Here he is with his "football helmet" and football.
The boys and the babies! This is after our trip to the temple. We usually go to this Chinese food buffet restaurant. It is pretty good.
It was so nice to go to the temple as a family. We did baptisms while there and it was really neat to have everyone in our family there. David's friends were so nice to babysit while we were there.
My friend Kim and her baby Nate came by to visit and to hunt for eggs! It was so fun to see her. She has a brand new house that they just built and she invited me over for dinner and gave me a tour of the house. It was beautiful! They even have this movie room where they have family over every week to watch a movie. It was so nice, it was like having your own theatre!
Koy getting into it. He really liked painting.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mom and Dad had a cute Easter Egg hunt for the kids while we were there. They loved it.
Feather Painting!
Dakoda hitting Kennedi's birthday pinata.
Koy and Braxton had fun playing with my parents new puppies, Jace and Razz.
The jumping castle!

David and Koy

Koy really loved the jumping castle, but you can't tell by this picture.
The triplets on the jumping castle Mom rented for them. They loved it, and we all wished that we had one to wear them out.
Mom and the boys in Lousiana while we were there for Spring Break. We played at the park while she taught her community weight lifting class.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the way to Chilies! I love their food! Chili cheese fries, here we come!

Happy Valentine's Day We went to Chili's for our date. My friend Jane babysat Koy.

Our first family snowman!
Koy and the neighbor boys, Ike and Will.
Koy loves his big wheel, but prefers it in warm weather as you can see on his face.
2 pacies!
Open your eyes!
What are you doin?!

The cutest pajamas ever on the cutest boy ever!
Kat and Dad- the hardheads of the fam!

Joe is so cute!
Koy loves grandma!
Koy and Dad at the Stotts. Dad of course, had to go hunting while they were here to visit.

Koy had other plans!
They were going to kiss!
Koy and Amanda's daughter-I think Sophie. Pretty funny!
Jim and the kids!
My silly husband and me at the Stotts after our feast, about to be in our dinner coma.