Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scarlett's 1st Birthday!

I decided to do a flamingo garden party theme for Scarlett's birthday party! It was so fun.

I made all the invitations different, but the same theme. It took us a while, but Kable and I finally came up with a catchy poem!
Some of the decorations.

Michelle Hendrick made Scarlett's cake, and I think it turned out beautiful! I love it!

I went running that morning at 6:00 and then was cooking in the kitchen the rest of the day, barely having time to change for the party! Why do I do this to myself? I made homemade strawberry pie, blueberry pie, lime cheesecake with raspberry sauce, homemade vanilla ice cream and lime ice cream. It was all so yummy!
My favorite little girl! I went a little over the top with her bow, but that's what birthdays are for ritht?! She wasn't too sure about the tutu I made, but got over it quickly.
Time to open presents!
She loves to stick out her tongue when she is not quite sure of herself!

She loves balls!
She sleeps with this every night to listen to the music now. It's so cute, but she doesn't like it close to her. I thin she is jealous. She also got a cute baby doll, and whenever I held it and gave it kisses she would get mad and take it away from me, throwing it down and climbing on my lap, wanting me to hold her. It was so funny! I couldn't believe it. So, she's not quite into baby dolls or this seahorse yet.
A cute alligator bath scrub from Jane.
Koy loved to help open her presents.
My pretty baby. She has grown up so fast. She has not started to walk yet, but can stand on her own.
This is her doll. She looks like she likes it here, but if you try to give it to her, she gets mad and throws it!
BFF- Bella!
She is not quite sure what to do with the cake yet!

Dad got in on the action!
There she goes! She has that look like she is getting away with something she is not supposed to be doing!
Face first!
We told Koy to get in on the picture, and this is what he did!
She even got it in her eyes.
Miss Diane, our neighbor, got her cute flamingo planter out for the party!
Michelle, Emily, and Jody.
Most of the kids that came.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun in June

Date night at Coco Bolos. It was great food, definitely want to go back.
Koy and Molly Rarick. These two love to play together and love to argue! She lives in the same building as us, and it's really nice for Koy to have a playmate so close.

Scarlett thought she was so big getting in Koy's jeep!

Koy's 4th Birthday Party!

Scarlett ready to party!

So, if you can't tell, the theme this year for Koy's birthday party was LSU tigers! He wanted a tiger birthday, so I added the LSU part and the sports too. He had a ball. He was a little confused before his actual birthday because I had a birthday in April. He thought his was never going to come! Then, after his birthday, he thought that his birthday was like a recurring thing, not as in yearly, but as in daily! He was so sad when he heard of another person's party, thinking that it should be his again! So funny.
Always the grill master! Thanks babe!
We encouraged everyone to wear LSU gear or at least colors, but if they couldn't do that we let them wear their favorite team!
Jonathon and Kim Dokos with Scarlett and Liam, their baby.

I painted this LSU tiger game. The kids got to throw balls through the tiger's mouth. They loved it!

Of course he loved his presents!

Family shot.

May 2010

Koy is the sweetest most sensitive little boy. He brings me flowers all the time and is sad when a plant gets smashed. What a cutie!
Scarlett and I in matching pink! Not on purpose!