Monday, July 5, 2010

Koy's 4th Birthday Party!

Scarlett ready to party!

So, if you can't tell, the theme this year for Koy's birthday party was LSU tigers! He wanted a tiger birthday, so I added the LSU part and the sports too. He had a ball. He was a little confused before his actual birthday because I had a birthday in April. He thought his was never going to come! Then, after his birthday, he thought that his birthday was like a recurring thing, not as in yearly, but as in daily! He was so sad when he heard of another person's party, thinking that it should be his again! So funny.
Always the grill master! Thanks babe!
We encouraged everyone to wear LSU gear or at least colors, but if they couldn't do that we let them wear their favorite team!
Jonathon and Kim Dokos with Scarlett and Liam, their baby.

I painted this LSU tiger game. The kids got to throw balls through the tiger's mouth. They loved it!

Of course he loved his presents!

Family shot.

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