Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Britches Spring

Here is a picture of all our hard work! My stuf is on the right, Rachell's on the left.
A close-up of the crafty mommys!
(May I just say that I am not pregnant, my shirt makes me look like it though! Yek!)
A close-up of our little models.

Bella's 1st Birthday Party

Scarlett and our family got invited to Bella's one year old birthday party. It was fun to be with friends and watch Bella eat her cake. She shared bites with her brothers and Dad, so cute.
Bella and her grandma.
Some of the yummy food.
The Dads-Kable and Scarlett.
(Bella's theme was pink and brown polka dots and cupcakes. Rachell put plates on the wall, cute idea.)
Brian and Bella.
Scarlett loves balloons.
The boys loved the trampoline.
The princess crown Scarlett gave Bella.
Playing with presents.

Mercy Zoo Run

Jane took Koy to run in the kids race at the zoo this year for his birthday. He loved loved it. We were having a garage sale, or I would have gone, but I guess he got separated from Brianna, but didn't cry or get scared. Everyone from my gym (Mercy is my gym who sponsors the race) who saw him waved and yelled his name, so I'm sure that helped. He came home and told us he won the race! What a little cutie! They got medals and a treat bag at the end. He was so proud of his medal and t-shirt. Thanks Jane!

Spring Water Party

The kids figured out how to balance the beach ball in the center of the sprinkler. Cool idea!
It was really hot this Spring for about a week, then it decided to rain all Summer. We took advantage of the warm weather since the pools weren't open yet, and invited a bunch of friends over to play in the slip n slide, sprinkler, and baby pool. The Moms brought the kids and chairs to sit and socialize, and the kids all had a blast. They even got popcorn and popsicles!

Wee Wigglers Golf

Koy got to go golfing for the first time at the Wee Wigglers last activity. I brought Scarlett and tagged along. It was really fun, except it was freezing that day. I didn't quite prepare properly for the bitter Kansas wind, so I ran and got a blanket out of the trunk to wrap us up in when Koy had to wait his turn! Good thing we had that! Koy decided he liked golfing left handed. I think he is ambidexterous like my brother David because you never know what hand he is going to use. He writes right handed, bats left, golfs left, shoots a basketball right, etc. I guess time will tell. Afterwards, we all went in the clubhouse for some snacks. It was a fun time.

Spring Peonies

Here is one of the reasons I love Spring! I love my peonies. Kable dug up our flowers from our last place and we re-planted them in our new front yard. It looks beautiful!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Scarlett found the fruit dish I left on the ground and started sampling all the apples.

Fat lips

Koy had a little bike accident with his friend Molly Rarick. They got all tangled up and somehow he came up with a big gash on his top gums. I thought he was ok until I saw what at first looked like red licorice in his mouth. I said what is that Koy, is that candy in your mouth? He was being brave and not acting like anything was wrong. I grabbed him and looked in his mouth and blood was dripping out of it. It wasn't candy! Then it hit him and he started crying! We washed it out and had someone look at it. It's all healed now thank goodness and no damage done. These pics are the morning after and if you look close you can see a nice fat top lip. (His eyes are puffy because its morning and we were on our way to Wee Wigglers. He is not a morning person- takes after me!)

I tried to get a shot of her little bottom lip sticking out. She likes to do that when she is sad. It reminds me of when we would pout when we were little and my dad would say, "A bird is going to come poop on your lip!" Aww childhood memories. And now I say it!

Koy and the kittens

Koy is always so sad when it is time for the kittens to go to new homes! He is so good with them, and the kittens leave with good manners around kids too!


Will Tuttle shows off his tie onesie and leggings I made him!

Bow model

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Easter 2010 continued

So, I accidently stopped loading pics on my Easter post, so here are the rest.
Koy got a train that runs by itself for Easter.
Scarlett loved the peeps!

Coming down Easter morning.
Fam shot.

She hasn't figured out that there is candy in them yet!

Easter 2010

We went to Jane's new house for a fun Easter Egg hunt. I love their grass! So soft and weedless. So green. Never thought I would covet someone's grass!!!
She loves animals, especially dogs. This is Jane's dog, Havanna.
At another Easter Egg hunt- the Boyle's house. Rachell and Brian Bittle.
Scarlett and Bella.
The Bittle boys.
Sharing his eggs!

The Boyles hosted a fun Easter Egg hunt and Breakfast. It was so fun. On the way there I tried to explain to Koy that he was going to be in a race to see who could get the most eggs. He told me he was going to win the race. Afterwards, he asked me if he won and wanted to know when the next race was! So cute.
Dyeing eggs.
Touched up pics-
Easter Morning!
The Loot!

My cuties!