Sunday, June 13, 2010

Easter 2010

We went to Jane's new house for a fun Easter Egg hunt. I love their grass! So soft and weedless. So green. Never thought I would covet someone's grass!!!
She loves animals, especially dogs. This is Jane's dog, Havanna.
At another Easter Egg hunt- the Boyle's house. Rachell and Brian Bittle.
Scarlett and Bella.
The Bittle boys.
Sharing his eggs!

The Boyles hosted a fun Easter Egg hunt and Breakfast. It was so fun. On the way there I tried to explain to Koy that he was going to be in a race to see who could get the most eggs. He told me he was going to win the race. Afterwards, he asked me if he won and wanted to know when the next race was! So cute.
Dyeing eggs.
Touched up pics-
Easter Morning!
The Loot!

My cuties!

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BittleFamily said...

WOW! I look like poop in those pictures, and my boys poor heads. I will never shave them again, how sad!