Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fat lips

Koy had a little bike accident with his friend Molly Rarick. They got all tangled up and somehow he came up with a big gash on his top gums. I thought he was ok until I saw what at first looked like red licorice in his mouth. I said what is that Koy, is that candy in your mouth? He was being brave and not acting like anything was wrong. I grabbed him and looked in his mouth and blood was dripping out of it. It wasn't candy! Then it hit him and he started crying! We washed it out and had someone look at it. It's all healed now thank goodness and no damage done. These pics are the morning after and if you look close you can see a nice fat top lip. (His eyes are puffy because its morning and we were on our way to Wee Wigglers. He is not a morning person- takes after me!)

I tried to get a shot of her little bottom lip sticking out. She likes to do that when she is sad. It reminds me of when we would pout when we were little and my dad would say, "A bird is going to come poop on your lip!" Aww childhood memories. And now I say it!

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