Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spring Break Utah 2010

Kable gets a whole week off for Spring Break everyo year. Usually we go to Kansas City and visit the Stotts, or just hang out at home, but this year we went to Utah! Yea! We haven't been in a while and stayed home for Christmas this year, so we were very excited. The road trip was long, but the kids really were angels. And, my dear husband is such a great driver. He drives the whole way and straight through too! I get to sleep or craft as long as the little ones are happy. Sometimes I read to him too.
We love Grandma Berg!
Princess cousins! Cutey Claire. I found these princess crowns at a craft fair and had to snag them for Scarlett's birthday and her friend Bellas.
Love Ingrid! She was so great to make it down from Idaho mostly (I think) to see me while I was in Utah. What a great friend. It was fun to see Braden and Jaron too. They are such cute boys, and boy is Braden big!
I showed Rachel how to make a few bows while there. We were up late cramming it all in the short time we were there. I made this bow for Maddy's Easter dress. I loved Rachel's new townhouse they just bought. It was so nice and she has done such a good job decorating it. So shabby!
Koy got to put his handprint on the tree in the playroom at Aunt Rachels! It was so so so cute! Anne helped her paint the tree on the wall, and Brax and friends put their handprints on it for leaves.The boys loved the breadsticks at the Pizza Factory!
Maddy and Scarlett, bootiful girls!
We went to this cool blowup slide and toy place with Rach and fam while visiting in Orem.
Brit met us there with her two cuties. I just realized I didn't get a pic of Brooklyn. Oh, and she has another on the way!
Kable had the most fun on the slides. Can you tell?
Rach and I had the same shoes on (thanks to MOM) and Brax and Koy happen to have the same shoes too. Funny co-winki-dink!

Rach and I went to this cute craft fair for a little bit and found this cute booth that had all boy stuff. We got Brax and Koy these cute cuffs with a motorcycle and basketball stamped on them. What studs!
What stinks!
We went to Logan for a day and saw David and Kayla, Richard and Christy, and Marissa and fam. We went to the fun park and went bowling, hung out at Marissa's and blew bubbles, waited on Chode to eat lunch, and went to Kayla and David's and fed the horses.
Scarlett saw the tub of suckers and went crazy, so I gave her one. She was in heaven, and guarded her treasure. She was ready to throw a major fit if we took it away!
It's been a while since I have been on a horse, but it was fun to see them and hop on for a shot.
Koy was a little scared.
We got him on though.
Two of my cute brothers!
Koy loved bowling.
Most of the gang!
My cutieeeeeee! My kids are such hams!
Cousins! Aiden's birthday!
Family Home Evening.

I couldn't narrow down these cute pics of Brax and Koy. Pretty hilarious! What goof balls. They played so well together. Love the fingers up the nose Brax-blackmail pic!
Maddy is about the same size as Scarlett, but like 3 months older, so petite! While we were there Scarlett waved to Maddy for the first time. I think she saw Maddy do it so much that she had to try! She tried to say "Hi" too. Maddy says that too. So cute!

Scarlett got even more giggles out before the camera captured this, but at least we got some of them!


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