Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wee Wigglers Golf

Koy got to go golfing for the first time at the Wee Wigglers last activity. I brought Scarlett and tagged along. It was really fun, except it was freezing that day. I didn't quite prepare properly for the bitter Kansas wind, so I ran and got a blanket out of the trunk to wrap us up in when Koy had to wait his turn! Good thing we had that! Koy decided he liked golfing left handed. I think he is ambidexterous like my brother David because you never know what hand he is going to use. He writes right handed, bats left, golfs left, shoots a basketball right, etc. I guess time will tell. Afterwards, we all went in the clubhouse for some snacks. It was a fun time.

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Bybee's said...

brax really liked loooking at the golf pictures. he loves it too