Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch at Brits Farm

The hayride over to the maze and pumpkins. It was a very cold day, but we are glad we went. A group of us from our ward went together. Koy had so much fun. Scarlett put up with it. I just love how her little button nose gets pink in the cold!
A little play.
Koy picked them out!
There were mostly only green ones left. A funny thing happened after everyone left. I didn't get pictures, but I have to tell. There is a petting zoo at Brits too, but no one but us wanted to go because it was so cold. So, off we tromped to see the animals in the back, just me, Koy, and Scarlett. My arm was about to fall off. Anyway, we get to the gate and I tell Koy to go in. He is a little apprehensive, but walks about 4 feet in. All the goats start surrounding him looking for a handout I'm sure, when one big goat sneezes right in Koy's face. I started to laugh, but had to stop because Koy started to cry! It was funny though. I went in with him after that, but he didn't last long. He kept clinging to me. I told him that they just wanted food, and he said, but I don't have any! Like, why don't those stupid goats know I don't have food. On the way out, Koy stepped in poop, and we spent about 10 minutes wiping it out of our car because I didn't notice it until then! Yuck! I should have never encouraged the whole petting zoo! The baby ducks were adorable though!


Mibi and Lee said...

Poor Koy..mean Mama for laughing at him:-P J/K I would have done the same!!!

Tuttle Family said...

Good for you for braving the petting zoo. :)
Cute updates btw.