Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Anderson's Move! :(

The neighborhood won't be the same without you!
Will, Ike, and Koy

A picture of the boys, of course I didn't grab one of Anne and the babies and I! Dang it! This was a very sad day. I had to prepare Koy for his best friends to move away. When I first told him he started crying and said "no, Mom." It was so sad, I almost started crying too. The Andersons have been such good friends and neighbors. They are the ones who actually told us about the townhouse we now live in. A weird coincidence: Anne Anderson is also my sister's name, who I miss dearly. (She lives in Utah.) Anne and Mike went to Utah State like Kable and I. They really are good people who will do anything for you. Most afternoons, you could catch Anne and I on our front porches watching our boys play/fight while holding our babies and providing popsicles and swapping new ideas for recipes and crafts. I miss that. Koy said to me after they moved out, "Mom, someone needs to move into there!" He thought someone would take their place immediately. I have to say, it has been lonely! It sure was nice to have a friend watch my little ones when I need to run a quick errand, and fun to switch goodies on our Kansas sunflower plate. I miss those weekend dates when we switched off babysitting so we could each go out with our sweethearts too. Ode to the Andersons! We miss you!

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