Sunday, February 28, 2010

K-State Date Night

Kable took these pictures of me because he thinks I'm sexy in a t-shirt! I know, I know, what can I say!
On the way to the game! Kable doesn't own a pair of sunglasses because he hates them, so when it's bright outside he gets to wear mine! Isn't HE sexy?!
Our friend Scott gave us his tickets for that night, so we could go on a date! What a nice guy! I had so much fun with my babe cheering on the cats. The played Nebraska, a team that they should have blown out, but they almost lost. That's okay with me because it made it an interesting intense game. Nebraska couldn't miss from the 3 point line! It was amazing to watch. The only complaint I have is the guy behind us had the worst potty mouth. I almost turned around and asked him to shut up, but that probably wouldn't have gone over very well. One time in Logan, at a hockey game, Kable and I were in between a few guys that were exchanging words, and we kind of thought it was funny, so we laughed. (One guy called the other guy big bird because he had a big nose!) The guy turned to Kable and asked what he was laughing at! I was like, uh oh. Kable said, Hey, I don't want in on any of it, I just thought what he said was funny! And it was!
It's fun to share in the love of sports with my honey. It's really fun when we are rooting for the same team. I have only been to one other K-State basketball game when we first moved here, so I was really excited. I love the college atmosphere, and the enthusiasm and drama there is at a game. Every school does their own thing to krank things up. At K-State, the students pretend they are reading newspapers while the other team is introduced. In between players they say things like, "Who's That," and "Who Cares!" When it is time for K-State to be introduced, they rip up the newspaper and throw it in the air and cheer on their team. Willey the Wild Cat leads them in a cheer and the students alternate rocking their bodies back and forth. It is pretty fun! To top it off, that night, Nebraska's coach got a tech when he disagreed with the refs and grabbed the ball and bounced it down hard. I think he was trying to get a response from his team because this was the point when K-State finally took lead of the game. It reminded me of my high school basketball coach. Coach Hill would do similar things, like yelling, slamming his clipboard down, kicking his shoe to the ceiling, and purposely getting kicked out to get a rise out of us. Looking back now, it is pretty funny!

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Bybee's said...

funny story. brady wears my glasses too in the car