Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jane's Baby Shower

Jlene McCracken made these cute suckers. They are frogs and buttons.
Michelle made the cake, and it was yummy. It had a lemon filling.

My friends and I threw a baby shower for Jane just a couple weeks before she had her baby boy. It was fun, she got a lot for her baby, and the food was good! Update: Jane had her baby on February 25. They named him William Brian Tuttle. He was 22 inches long and weighed 11 pounds 9 ounces!!!!! I don't know how she did it. She was a week overdue, so the doctor had to induce her. She went all day with no baby and little progression, all with no epidural. At the end, she finally had to get one just to get the energy to push this big guy out. He has dark brown hair and round cheeks, but suprisingly no rolls. Great job Jane! You are amazing!

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