Friday, February 26, 2010

Carpet Angels!

We finally got to put new carpet in our basement after finishing almost everything else that needed to be done. Kable worked hard and learned a lot about dry wall, eletrical outlets, and stuff, and I had brain fart picking out paint colors; but it finally got done (that is except for the trim, a little bit of finishing on the drywall on the stairs, the fluorescent lights...... well, it's getting there okay!) I told Koy we were going to carpet angels when the carpet finally got put in. He was so excited, and I am so excited to have an inviting basement, not one I'm scared to go down to. I love the carpet I went with and we spent a little more to get the shag, but it is worth it. When the rest of your house is wood floors, you just can't wait to feel it under your feet! My kids will love it too because that is where their play room is. Thank the heavens! We love new carpet!

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Katie and Josh Fairbanks said...

I LOVE Scarlett's cute little smile and I just want to kiss those cheeks! She is a DOLL!
P.S.Did you hear that we are having another boy?