Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Michelle Hendrick made Scarlett and Koy these cute bags for Christmas!

These two fell asleep together but when I tried to take a picture they both woke up. I told Koy to fake it, but Scarlett just didn't get it! :)
Koy really is such a good helper. He get pacys, holds bottles, throws away trash, gets things upstairs that I forget, calms and talks to Scarlett when she is crying, throws away dirty diapers, etc. He almost always has a cheerful attitude when he is doing it too.
This little girl is sad! She didn't get to help make cookies!
Yum! Sugar Cookies!
Koy loves to help in the kitchen. I need to make him an apron because whenever I'm cooking, he always wants to help!

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