Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mimi's Here!

We had a lot of fun with Mimi while she was here! Too bad she missed Scarlett's arrival.

At the end I started to get very swollen and miserable. I even slipped on a puddle of liquid at the grocery store while my mom was here, thank goodness she was, because I couldn't walk the next day. My pelvis was already hurting, but trying to stop myself from falling really put a lot of pressure on it. I heard it pop, and boy did it hurt! I was grateful to get a blessing from Kable and our neighbor Mike Anderson, and thanks to the power of the priesthood my pelvis healed enough that I could get around without too much pain the next day.
Slip N Slide with Will and Ike Anderson!

Koy loves his friends Will and Ike. He asks me everyday where Ike is and if he can play. The Andersons are such a neat family, and it has been a blessing to live only 2 doors down from them. Koy has instant playmates just outside the door, and Anne and I can sit and talk while we watch them play. It is so nice. Not to mention that Anne Anderson is the name of my sister, kind of ironic. Heavenly Father must know that I have always wanted to live near her, and so this is just another way of letting me know He cares. I has been fun trading recipes, dinners, treats, and trading off babysitting for date nights. We are really going to miss them when they move in a few months.

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