Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Fair

This mama pig just had her babies the night before! They were so cute.

Koy did NOT trust the animals, as you can tell in all these pictures!
Not even the rabbits!

This little girl from our ward wasn't afraid. She even let this calf suck her finger.

The rides! We didn't do many, but Koy chose this one. He didn't crack a smile until I started yelling "hi Koy" to him every time he passed by me, and then he got a turned around I think because he started smiling and waving to these people that were standing right before me every time he came around. It was hilarious!
Finally a nervous smile at the end of the ride! He called it the Nemo ride.
We were there late, but Scarlett was a trooper. Not a peep out of her, but she did steal the show. Everyone loved her. People would see her and comment on how beautiful she was, and how she looked just like an Ann Geddes baby peeking out of my sling with the huge flower on her head. One random lady even had to take a picture of her! As you can tell, I didn't have much time to get ready. No makeup and wet hair, oh well, such is the life of a mom.
This is the other "ride" Koy went on. He was a little scared I think, but Dad was with him. I thought Koy might flip over Kable as they came down. But, he had fun. I had to drag Kable to the fair, but we ended up having so much fun. Well, at least the 3 of us did!

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