Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Koy Says....

Today at breakfast, Koy prayed for all of us, including the little boy that I was watching, and then decided to bless Caillout too! For those of you that don't know, Caillout is a cartoon on PBS that he loves. Whenever we make cookies he always says,"Like Caillout Mom, that's what Caillout does, he makes cookies."

And, since I will forget later, here are some other funny things Koy has said:

*He calls trains "choo choos"
*Monkeys are "whoo whoo ha has"
*Rice krispies are "pop pops"
*Horses are "hee hees"
*Kable and I are a two in one, as in when he address one of us, it can be either, he says,"DaMa"
*He pointed out a "huge stick" to me one day when we were walking home from the pool. It really was a very tall stump!
*He is really into saying the word "nasty" lately, apparently I say that a lot!
*His new thing is to say,"Here I am!" to everyone. Like, I'm here and now we can get the party started!

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