Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Scarlett is Finally Here!

Before labor pains! Off we go to the hospital.
Ready or not!
My swollen feet and a nice pedi for me to look at while my feet are in the stirrups!
A miracle! I love her! It wa music to my ears to hear her cry, since last time Koy couldn't open his lungs. She weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long.

Proud Papa!
She had so much "cheese" on her that the nurse couldn't even get it all off. They had to give her a bath in the nursery later and we could hear her crying from our room.

Happy Family! So, I decided the next time around having a baby was a LOT easier! I hope the trend continues. Here's how it went this time. I went into labor on my own Thursday night, but didn't know it. I was having contractions regularly, but not close. But, they didn't really hurt, and this had happened a week before, but hurt more that time. So, I didn't think they were doing anything. When I went in the next morning to get induced (I wasn't sure I really wanted to get induced b/c I wanted the baby to come on her own.), they got me all hooked up and saw that I was having contractions on my own reularly and so the nurse checked me and I was already dialated to a 5! Crazy. The contractions still weren't hurting. I was so amazed. Believe me, this is not what happened with Koy. My contractions kept speeding up and then the nurse gave me a baby dose of pitocin b/c I was already going on my own. (By the way, I loved my nurse that was there through the delivery and the lady who gave me my epidural. I mentioned that I had ran a marathon at the beginning of my pregnancy to the nurse, and so the next day she felt so inspired she went out for a run!) Then they started to hurt. I asked for my epidural and the lady came in. That's when the pain started. It was pretty miserable getting that epidural through hard contractions, but once it took, I felt much better. I still had pain in the lower left part of my back, but everything else was numb! I got one more dose to try to help with that before I had her, but it didn't really matter because Scarlett came fast. I couldn't really tell when I was pushing, just what I wanted. :) I was only at the hospital in full labor from 7am to 10:30am. So wonderful. Doctor Gross almost didn't make it to deliver Scarlett, and Jane almost didn't make it to take the pics!

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