Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stock Family Reunion 2008

This is the last night before we left. There is a huge jetted tub in the master bedroom of the big cabin. We had to let the kids swim in it! Koy even used his alligator squirt gun!
Anne and Rachel taught the grandkids a song to perform, but neither Koy or I knew it, so Koy just faked it! As you can see, Braxton was very excited, and Anne was really into it!
David's famous pose and Jo Jo.
Chode and Rosemary!
Koy and Grandpa and Mimi.
Cousins! Tera (on the left) is my age and Cody is Anne's. We had so much fun with them growing up, that is when we got to see them. We got into so much trouble and swam a lot in their pool. We played volleyball one night at the reunion. It was so fun, especially since we all played in school. Tera lives in Colorado now, Cody in New Mexico.
We had a fireball competition to honor Grandpa. When Anne and I would visit them, Tera, Cody, and us would walk to the Circle K and buy fireballs. We were always amazed at how Grandpa could keep one in his mouth the whole time without taking it out. They are really hot, and we would keep the wrapper on them when we sucked on them. So, we challenged the guys to see who could keep them in their mouths the longest.
The guys in the contest. (David's famous pose.)
More guys in the contest.
Clint and some of his kids. They are so cute. Clint is a year or two older than me and one of my favorite cousins to tease. He is Tera and Cody's older brother. I hadn't seen him in ages, so it was so nice to see him again. His wife couldn't be there b/c she was caring for Garrison, who has heart issues. He is Koy's age, but has never really been healthy. He is always in our prayers.
I'm not quite sure what they are doing here, but we thought it was cute.
I had to get a shot of them hugging, b/c Braxton doesn't usually like to be touched. They got along much better this trip. Aww, cousins.
My dad and his brother, Frank, sisters, Dixie (on right) and Rita (on left), and he has one sister that has passed on, Teddy Val. They were saying a few things about Grandpa Joe and Grandma Ruby.
Anne brought her snow cone maker for the kids. It was a hit, and I felt like we were in Louisiana with our own stand or something.
Cousins water balloon toss.
Yea for cousins!
Fishing with dad. Kable wasn't too interested in riding horses.
Dave Lewis, Cher's husband brought up some of his horses for us to ride. It was quite an adventure since my dad is really the only experienced rider. Kat's horse was very confused when she kept kicking it to go, but then was holding the reins high and pulling back to stop. Hilarious. It also kept turning around to come back to the trailer. Joe and David went on their own ride and Joe ended up getting bucked off! Good thing he didn't get hurt.
I hopped on for one of the first rides. It was a little scary with Koy, but he was a good sport. He started to cry a little during the ride, but we told him to buck up and he did! We even trotted a little. It wasn't easy riding in flip flops though!
Pete and Donna Stock let us all stay at their house which is located near the tank. This used to be all of Grandpa's land. Frank lives next door to Pete now, on the other side of the tank. Anne and I used to skinny dip in that cow tank with Cody Jo and Tera. (Told you we used to get into a lot of trouble-it's in the Stock blood.) We have a lot of memories there, but now there are houses built up and down the lane. Progress. Kind of sad to me though. But, Pete and Donna and their kids were so kind to let us take over their house for a few days. Donna makes just about everything from scratch and they live so simply, what I mean is no TV or internet, and they have a garden, cows, and really know how to live off the land. They will definitely be prepared for any catastrophies that might come their way. I caught this beautiful sunset out their back door. Arizona has pretty skies. I'm so happy we got to be in Show Low for the reunion. I have so many childhood memories there and it's always nice to see family.

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