Sunday, November 2, 2008

BYU Volleyball Camp!

Kat got MVP of BYU volleyball camp! It was so fun to watch her play.

Koy jumping!
The triplets playing on the stairs!
Ring around the Rosie! They found all sorts of things to do while we watched Kat play!
Amy got in on the shot!
Mr Cool at Gigi's,wiped out from a long day! It was fun to stay at her house too while we were visiting.
Koy and Brax on our way to the waterpark to meet Kat there for volleyball. It was fun, but very cold. We didn't last long, so not any pics. Sorry!


Cassi Ostler said...

Hello...were you out here in Utah? You have got to let me know next time! i would love to see you and meet your little monkey!

Sarah Smith said...

I thought you dropped off the face of the earth! I guess my past emails didn't go through, so I am glad the last one did! We'll call for sure, or email. I don't have your number anymore. We will probably come out for Spring Break next.

Tyler and Erika Anderson said...

oh goodness...those three little cousin kiddies are so cute!!!