Sunday, April 12, 2009


Koy was so excited to dye eggs! He loves to eat them too, thanks so his daddy's influence. Koy couldn't quite figure out the thumbs up sign with Kable, but with a little help he got it. It was a good time to teach colors too. He can count up to 10, but just can't seem to get his colors. He does know my toothbrush is pink and that it's Mommy's favorite color, and his apparently! It has been fun to watch him during the holidays because he is starting to understand more.

Koy was opening candy for Mason, but Mason could hardly wait. He really is good at sharing.
The group of kids at the Easter Egg hunt at the Tuttles. The Raricks, Hendricks, Von Feldts, and Tuttles all were there. We had a lot of fun eating candy, watching the kids, and visiting. Today, Sunday, we had Stake Conference. It was broadcast from Salt Lake with speakers like Dallin H. Oaks and President Monson. It was a great meeting. They talked a lot about faith, living with in your means, remembering past spiritual experiences and striving to always have more through the spirit so our testimonies will continue to grow, service, and reaching out to others. I wanted to watch "The Lamb of God," a movie about the last week of the the life of Jesus, but I guess we gave ours away because we couldn't find it. So, we watched "Finding Faith in Christ." I love Easter for the warmer weather, beautiful flowers, baby animals, Spring colors, etc, but most of all I am grateful to for the time to remember the resurrection of Christ. We are so blessed to be members of His church, and I know that we will live again with Him and our families, thanks to His sacrifice!

Koy got new big boy underwear in his Easter basket, but I think Kable thought they were supposed to be beanies! Koy's Easter outfit he wore to church, what a cute kid! I just love him!


Mibi and Lee said...

Koy is SOOOO cute and the underoos beanies might just catch on;-) LOL

Shannon said...

I had almost given up on your blog! :)Its all updated and cute, I love it! Congrats on your baby girl, That name is so cute you picked out. Looks like life it good!

Hogg Family said...

So I just saw you guys had a blog while I was checking out Jill' don't mind me! =) Koy is so big! It was fun checking up on you guys, looks like life is good!

Melissa said...

Hi Sarah! Betsy called me last night and she was thinking you and I need to take a road trip down to LA together at some point. I probably won't be able to go until next year, but we should talk about it sometime. I think we'd have a lot of fun.