Monday, February 2, 2009

2008 Christmas in Louisiana

Mimi got Koy and Braxton new matching pj's. They loved it. These two really hit it off as friends while there. The first day they started calling each other their best friend and from that point on it was mischief.
Had to get a shot of the "triplets" at bath time. Poor Rubee got left out a lot this trip because Koy and Braxton seemed enthralled with each other. Interesting how soon boys and girls have different interests.
We went to this place in Thibodaux where kids could play on all these blow up jumping toys. The kids loved it of course. Yeah for Thibodaux finally getting a place like this.
Koy loved the baseball one where he could practice his switch hitting.
Joe is always the kid magnet.
It was like 75 degrees most of the time we were there, so most of the kids ran out of their summer outfits to wear. Lucky for dollar stores!

The kids loved making rounds on Pop's four wheeler. We would drive around the pond making sure to run over all the fire ant piles we could find, and then stop to pick grapefruit and oranges on their trees.
This is New Year's Eve. Pops lit the bonfire and we roasted smores and played kick the can and set off fireworks. Koy loved kicking over the can even when he was supposed to be protecting it!

Koy and Kennedi
Christy, Joe, Mom, Rachel, Brady all watching fireworks during one of the few cold nights.
Anne, Rubee, Kathryn, Dakota, Melanie, Koy enjoying the show. Kathryn broke her nose during one of her basketball games while we were there. Bad luck Kat! She even had to have surgery.
Snakes or worms, whatever you want to call them. We couldn't find Koy's only jacket, so he wore a sweatshirt Mimi dug out of our old boxes from when we were kids. Hilarious. The LSU hat is too!
My friend Melanie came to visit my crazy family and I for a few days, so we made a trip to New Orleans to show her around. This is Rachel and Braxton watching one of the people statues in Jackson Square.
Here is a street band that was playing at Jackson Square, they weren't bad either.
Melanie and I outside the Riverwalk Mall by a riverboat. We ate at a restaurant near Cafe' DuMonde on the French Quarter too. I had a shrimp poboy and Melanie an oyster poboy. While we ate, a band played and Rachel requested "You are my Sunshine." They wanted us to come sing with them, but Rachel wouldn't go, so I finally stepped up and sang the song almost by myself with the band. It was so fun and hilarious. I don't have a picture, but Rachel is supposed to send me one.
Koy and Braxton worn out from all the fun.
I had an old high school friend reunion with Kelly LeBlanc and Kim Richard (maiden names). It was so great to see them again and to see their little ones too. We met at Kim's house which is just down the road from my parents and let the kids play.
Koy absolutely loved this little "gator" tractor that Nate had. He was driving it all over the road, and wasn't happy to give back the wheel!
Sticker face!
Koy and Braxton loved going in the bathrooms and unrolling toilet paper, flushing the toilet excessively, and doing whatever else they could think of that they weren't supposed to do. Koy was just starting potty training and so there were many trips to the bathroom. Well, we hadn't seen the boys in a while and then Rachel heard them in the bathroom. We ran in there and this is what we saw! Koy had gone to the #2 bathroom on his own, and was washing his hands when I think they got a little sidetracked with the water. Braxton had Koy's #2 on his hands trying to help wipe Koy's little bottom and Koy was squirting Brax's head with soap. Brax said he was trying to clean up when we walked in there. He had a soaking wet towel and the floor was soaked too. Koy's pants were around his ankles and they both had this naughty look on their faces! So, we stripped them down and put them in the shower. Pretty hilarious, now!

So, the highlight of our family Chirstmas was when we all opened our guns! Kable had no idea I was getting him one and I had no idea David was getting me his old one. Kable got Koy his toy shotgun as a surprise, so we were all surprised. I have never seen Kable so excited over a gift. He went right over to my brothers and started asking them questions about it. I think he even went out to the pond that same day and tried to shoot some turtles! Poor turtles! Once it warms up in Kansas, I know what our next family outing will be!

Koy was so excited over this "choo-choo" long before he opened it. He saw it when I brought it in the house from the store and when I wrapped it, but I thought for sure that he would forget. Well, apparently not. He even showed it to Braxton and tried to open it and play with it before Christmas. There were a lot of presents under the tree, but he knew which one was the choo- choo.
Joe, Rubee, Rach, and Chode Christmas morning.
Kable opening his prize present! I was so excited! Thanks to my dad who helped with the purchase, and my brothers who helped pick it out.
Davie Crockett and Kayla got engaged in the French Quarter on this trip! Yeah, we are so excited to finally have a brother married off. They are getting married Feb 28 in the SLC temple. I think Kayla was a little overwhelmed by the family, but overall she did well I think! Koy loved the train bath toys they got him.
Good thing Mimi had extra stockings because I realized this year that I still need to make one for Koy!
We had a lot of fun playing football, even though not as many people could play this year considering all the sisters are pregnant again, not counting Kat. I switched in and out with Kat during the games, and my team won! I even made a touchdown!
Cool picture of Joe throwing the ball.
Even more hilarious picture of Kat running a route. Did I mention that my famiy is intense, in everything we do?!
We helped out a little around the house while there too. My dad seems to always have jobs for everyone when we come for vacation. Kable got to powerwash the front walk way. Doesn't he look enthused?
Having a picnic on my parents wrap around porch. I love that porch!
Koy modeling his big boy underwear!


Tuttle Family said...

Love the pictures, the one with the guns is the best. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

The Wood Family said...

Koy has gotten so big and is adorable! Looks like you had a great vacation and holiday! Hope that you are feeling well! Love ya...