Monday, September 8, 2008

Cowboy Party

Koy had so much fun at his friend Everhett's birthday party. There was all sorts of fun things to do. Don't mind the sad face, it's a trick!


Jenny said...

You make your blog so cute! I need lessons.
Koy is such a cute kid!
I will be emailing you in a couple of days asking for your advice on how to finish a dresser I picked up at a yardsale and is in Evey's room. I know you will have the best ideas. :)

John and Clara said...

Hey, what a fun B-day!! Little cowboy Koy is so handsome. Speaking of handsome cowbys, someone made me these bandana bibs for Isaac that are just adorable. We are coming into town next month and I will be expecting to see you guys!!!