Thursday, June 5, 2008

My little cutie pie mowing the lawn with a garage sale find. Like our garden in the background?


John and Clara said...

Koy is getting so big!! He is such a handsome little man. I didn't know that place existed either and I lived there for, what, three years. Way to go finding cool stuff in Manhattan.

Cody said...

Koy is a cutie. Its fun to see him and you guys. The water is beautiful... we don't get to enjoy anything like that here in New Mexico.

Michelle said...

YOU HAVE A BLOG!!! Yeah! I am so happy to see what you guys are up to. Thanks also for commenting on our blog. I've actually been thinking about you guys and wondering how you've been. I'm so excited to see you guys again! We will be in Alaska from July 10-28 but would love to see you after that. Hopefully you will still be in town!